Commit yourself to action by investing in success

If you do not quit working on your project, then you can never fail

successThe title you just read is something to make people look at an article. The actual article you are about to read is not nearly as wishy-washy or plebian in topic.

This article is actually about teaching yourself to succeed at a task by working through the stages required. It is about teaching yourself the mentality it takes to plan a task, start a task, and finish a task.

It is about training yourself how to succeed by fulfilling a task. Not asking, not wishing–just planning, doing and completing.

Planning – Why?

By creating a plan, you are giving yourself a roadmap to the completion of your project. Without a plan, you are simply guessing as you go and that is a process that can result in your project taking a lot longer than it should.

Planning – Sticking to your plan is important

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