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27 academic writing resources for students

  • IPL – the internet Public Library to find information on different subjects and topics.
  • DMOZ – a big directory of links for students to find reputable websites and other informative resources in many categories.
  • The Free Dictionary –  a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias,  thesauruses; an extensive list of idioms and abbreviations; access to Wikipedia; a list of reference books.
  • Scholarpedia – a website similar to Wikipedia, but it is more reliable for students, as its content is written and checked by scholars from all over the world.
  • Better Writing — this website from Oxford Dictionaries provides a variety of resources for students who want to improve the quality of their academic writings.
  • ChaCha – a website where students can ask questions on different topics that interest them to get answers from personal assistants who will look up this information for them.
  • TED Talks – videos from conferences on all topics in more than 100 languages: a great place to find information for research and inspiration needed for writing papers.

Literacy and writing instructions

  • Glossary of Essay Terms — a complete glossary of key terms on essay writing. It helps students understand your tasks better and accomplish them correctly and competently.
  • The OWL – a free online access to academic writing instructions from Purdue University’s Writing Lab.
  • Daily Writing Tips —  useful tips on writing, including vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Plus, there is much advice from professionals on how to select a writing style, come up with good fresh ideas on writing, etc.
  • Academhack – a resource to help students learn how to write their papers more effectively with the help of tech tools on the Web.
  • Grammar Girl — a place to learn how to use all grammar rules properly, and check many guides on writing styles, word usage, punctuation and spelling.

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