Five tips to find the right ed-tech partner for your school district

When choosing ed-tech partners for your district, you must look beyond the cost, features and functionality of the products you choose

ed-tech-school-districtIt’s happened – your school is transitioning from traditional print-based instruction to digital curriculum. You have the support and perhaps even the funds to support the transformation to a technology-enhanced learning environment, but with thousands of products, vendors and resources available how do you choose what will work for your district?

While educators are faced with redefining and redesigning their curriculum to create engaging student-centered learning environments, administrators also acknowledge the benefits of a digital transformation, as 49 percent believe leveraging technology in the classroom is a key to student success (Speak Up 2012). Districts now have the added task of evaluating and selecting appropriate resources and products for their schools.

Before making any purchasing decisions, it’s critical to establish a process for engaging education technology partners that will help you realize your vision for a 21st century learning experience for your students and teachers. While choosing your ed-tech partner may seem like a daunting task, it can be done with ease and efficiency if handled properly.

Here are five critical points every district should consider when choosing an ed-tech partner.

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