(August 12, 2014) – Sometimes teachers want a short and easy activity to demonstrate STEM concepts. That’s the whole idea behind Pitsco Education’s Try This kits.

These kits were designed as simple activities that show the basic concepts of some of Pitsco’s larger projects, such as bridge building, parachutes, and straw structures. Retailing at $1.50 each, these small kits were originally created as sample activities to give away at conferences. However, they were so popular with conference attendees, it was evident that they were valid products.

“At shows, we were having people inquiring about getting them for events,” said Pitsco Marketing Events Coordinator Ashlee Ricks. “And others wanted them for summer camps or school festivals. Teachers really like them for their own kids as well.”

The line features four different activities. The Straw Structures and Parachute activities are straightforward with instructions that lead students from start to finish. The Toothpick Bridge and Engineering activities are more open ended, requiring some engineering design choices by the students.

The kits should take 20 minutes or less to construct, though the Toothpick Bridge Kit will take about 10 minutes longer. Some require glue, scissors, or waxed paper, which are not included. To learn more about the Pitsco Try This activities, visit www.pitsco.com or call 800-835-0686.

• Catalog links: www.pitsco.com/Try_this_Straw_Structures_Kit, www.pitsco.com/try_this_toothpick_bridge_kit, www.pitsco.com/try_this_parachute_kit, www.pitsco.com/try_this_engineering_kit
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