Tailored to the new and revised international syllabuses for 2014, comes a complete suite of blended science resources from Cambridge University Press covering biology, chemistry and physics for Cambridge iGCSE® , AS and A Level teachers and students, all including carefully selected pedagogical features and written entirely with the international student in mind.

All of the titles match the newly updated syllabuses from Cambridge International Examinations that will first be examined in 2016. There are three titles at each level. As well as providing invaluable resources for use throughout the new courses, the products are particularly helpful in supporting teachers during the transition period between syllabuses.

“With the syllabuses for Cambridge iGCSE® , AS and A Level all being revised at the same time, there was a clear need for new resources to match up with the new content and assessment,” said Jennifer Burn, Cambridge University Press Commissioning Editor – Science, International Education. “Additionally, we realised that teachers would need extra support as they moved across to the new syllabuses.

“All the products are carefully tailored towards international learners, using accessible language that is appropriate for those who don’t have English as a first language and including internationally-focussed examples as far as possible.”

Including lots of questions and answers for both formative and summative assessment, the comprehensive course books provide opportunities for students to track their own progress as well as for teachers to assess understanding. The course books are also supported by extensive teacher resources including ideas and teaching tips, options for assessment and suggestions for supporting both struggling and more able students.

Learners also benefit from a range of useful features within the books to help them to engage with the subject and to understand the material. These include worked examples that give students a step-by-step guide to answering questions and inventive use of figures, diagrams and photographs which are used to bring the subjects to life. Each book is supported by additional digital resources which include lots of links to engaging content such as websites, animations and articles.

The split between theoretical and practical work is particularly crucial in science, and emphasised throughout the new titles, with added focus on practical applications and real world procedures.

Each of the Cambridge iGCSE®, AS and A Level titles have been written specifically for Cambridge International Examinations, so teachers can be assured that all the material has been rigorously quality controlled and meets all the new requirements.

The Cambridge University Press author team includes Mary Jones and David Sang amongst others – all of whom are renowned in their field, with many years of experience in international teaching and assessment.

Commenting on the new A Level course books, one Biology teacher said, “The overall coverage is excellent… It is well suited to the A level market, and there has obviously been care taken over making sure it is accessible to second language students and non-British cultures.”

Jackie Robinson, a physics teacher in Spain said; ‘The worked examples are excellent and there are lots of them which is very helpful for the students.”

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