Improved academic workload planning from Scientia simplifies preparation of regulatory reports including TRAC

Making it easier and cheaper for university departments to provide up-to-date regulatory reports and plan, deliver and manage courses, is Academic Staff Workload Planner software from Scientia, global market leaders in resource management solutions for higher and further education sectors.

By detailing the percentage of time staff dedicate to teaching, administrative duties and research, the software saves universities time and money and improves the accuracy of workload-related data, including the TRAC information required by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing) is a national framework for costing teaching in English higher education institutions and includes data on publicly and non-publicly funded teaching and research.

The software also supports the work of Vice-Chancellors as they strive to achieve more diverse, equitable, inclusive and ultimately transparent distribution of academic workloads. This ultimately reduces the number of enquiries about comparative workloads and helps address pressure from teaching unions committed to reducing over working and stress among their members by campaigning for a better balanced working life.
Using institution-specific workload definitions, the software makes the task of providing reports far simpler and more cost-effective. As well as enabling institutions globally to promote universal working processes, it also supports department-specific differences, while still allowing realistic comparisons to be made when necessary.

It integrates with Scientia’s popular Enterprise Foundation Timetabling solution, minimising data duplication and ensuring that staff workload models can be based on the current timetable. It also ensures that a staff member’s non-teaching workload is visible in the timetable and accurately reflects their availability to be scheduled for teaching.

“Academic Staff Workload Planner’s integration with Syllabus Plus, combined with the automation of several workload allowances, has significantly reduced data entry whilst providing flexibility to allocate workload to a range of non-teaching activities,” said Wendy Brophy, Director Business Support Unit at Curtin University.

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Abi Mandelbaum

Abi Mandelbaum is CEO of YouVisit.