The education industry in America is overflowing with curricular solutions to our
chronic underperformance as a nation. American school districts spend an average
of $400,000 a year on curricular products and programs and yet perennially fail to
crack the top 10 in global achievement rankings.

Schools measure student success. They measure teacher performance. Why not
measure the efficacy of the content being used in classrooms? The root of the
problem is complex, but there is finally a tool that looks at content to find a solution.

UClass, a San Francisco-based edtech company founded by educators, has just
released a content analytics platform that shows schools which curricular materials
in their repertoire result in enhanced student achievement. In its collaboration with
over 5,000 schools across the nation the UClass team recognized that in addition
to schools’ need to create and share content, institutions need a way to measure
what is working. Just in time for the coming school year, they are releasing a
cutting edge analytics system that reads schools’ interactions with instructional
content to help educators learn from trends in their curriculum.

Aspire Public Schools, one of the nation’s oldest and most influential charter
school networks, launched a partnership with UClass last June. Through this
partnership alone, UClass serves 650 teachers across Aspire’s 12 sites. Aspire’s
mission to prepare students from low-income neighborhoods for college rests
heavily upon powerful, network-wide curriculum delivery and sharing. With
UClass analytics, administrators receive graphs that measure what content their
teachers are teaching, what standards they are covering, and how they are
collaborating between classrooms and disciplines. Teachers themselves are
given a new vantage point to their content. When assessments divulge student
success with a lesson, teachers can connect it to statistics on multimedia used in
the lesson, standards covered and trending content from their colleagues. What
is working for students is becoming more clear to teachers and administrators,
which is a win-win for school and for the American school system at larger as it
looks for data-based solutions to student performance.

“For the first time ever there is a way to measure if the curriculum we are putting
in front of our nation’s future leaders is actually working.” says UClass CEO Zak
Ringelstein “What’s exciting is that UClass is enabling educators to weed out
ineffective materials and replicate what works.”

School leaders who want to adopt UClass schoolwide can sign up for a demo
account at or reach out to for more information.

About the Author:

Abi Mandelbaum

Abi Mandelbaum is CEO of YouVisit.