(August 21, 2014) – Ensuring students receive a quality education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects has become a top priority for many districts. Finding the time and the best ways to implement STEM in the classroom, however, can be a challenge.

But now, new STEM professional development (PD) workshops from Pitsco Education make incorporating STEM into everyday lessons a breeze.

Pitsco STEM PD workshops are a dynamic mixture of informative seminars and collaborative sessions. Each workshop offers engaging, STEM-based PD conducted by Pitsco’s experienced STEM professionals; cooperative-pair brainstorming; roundtable discussions; project-based exploration; and strategies for incorporating STEM into daily classroom activities.

“These workshops offer educators a better understanding of STEM as well as practical STEM applications that transfer directly to the classroom,” explained Pitsco’s Vice President of Education Matt Frankenbery. “With this unique blend of pedagogy and hands-on exploration, teachers can confidently deliver powerful STEM activities to their students.”

For Angelyn Hobson, Science Center Educator at the Southeast Kansas Education Center at Greenbush (KS), where Pitsco recently conducted three days of STEM PD workshops, the emphasis on the different parts of STEM was invaluable. “It was just nice to focus on the S, T, E, and M and figure out how the individual parts contribute to a cohesive lesson,” she said. “When you’re coming up with a lesson plan and making sure that everything is represented, it’s helpful to have that to pull from.”

Workshops can be custom designed to fit the needs of each school. Half-day, full-day, and multiday options are all available, and schools can choose from a variety of STEM topics such as Structures Found in Everyday Lessons and Highlighting the T and E in STEM.

To learn more about STEM PD from Pitsco Education, call 800-828-5787.

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• Learn more about Pitsco STEM PD by calling 800-828-5787.
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