QR Codes

I haven’t tried this last one just yet… but I had to include it because I am so thrilled about the idea. Every year I try to find something new to use in the classroom, and recently I discovered how Quick Response (QR) codes can be creatively incorporated into the classroom.

Here’s what you can do. After your students read a book, have them create an audio or visual book review. Upload their work to your website and create a QR code out of it. (There are many easy-to-use QR code generators online that can be found through a quick Google search.) Then, print out and place the QR code on the back cover of the book so that future readers can scan it with their smart phone or tablet. After listening to or reading the review, students can decide whether they want to read the book.

You can also have students create QR codes for a research project. Let’s say, for a project-based learning activity, a group has to create a bulletin board with all of their research findings. Have the group create a podcast explaining their bulletin board. Post it on a website. Then create a QR code for that web link. If you attach the QR code to the bulletin board, anyone who sees it will be able to access the student’s own explanation of the project.

Sometimes teachers ask themselves, How can my kids showcase their work in a fun way? This can be your answer. QR codes are just another way to present information in a creative and unique way. I’m so excited to use them in my classroom this year.

Sheree Schulson is a second and third grade teacher at Parkside Elementary School in Coral Springs, Fla.