Berwyn, PA August 22, 2014 – PARAT Solutions, an innovative manufacturer of mobile computing charge and sync solutions, has recently unveiled a family of charge/sync docks to support Apple’s Lightning-connected devices.

PARASYNC’s new generation of docking stations charge and synchronize content for up to 30 iPod touches 5G’s, 20 iPad Mini’s and 10 iPad Air’s. Multiple docks can be linked to support even larger quantities of devices. The docks charge devices by connecting to a standard wall outlet. Content is efficiently synchronized to the devices using iTunes or Apple Configurator.

PARASYNC docks are the only cable-free charge and sync system designed specifically to support institutional iOS deployments in education, healthcare, hospitality and museums.

Each docking station includes specially-designed protective device cases. Constructed of impact-resistant ABS, the cases are uniquely “keyed” to fit the docking station. Each dock features precision molded receivers are ingeniously designed so that the included cases do not need to be removed before docking. Devices can also be inserted without a case. Additionally, the unique shape of the receiver ensures that a third party case cannot be forced into a slot, which could potentially damage the dock’s Lightning pin connector.

PARAT Solutions posted the following short YouTube product presentation video:

“We are proud to have once again built on our reputation as the only company to deliver a cable-free docking solution licensed by Apple, conceived specifically to support institutional iOS deployments,” says Peter Jauss, Director of Sales at PARAT Solutions.

About PARAT Solutions
PARAT Solutions develops and manufactures “smart products for mobile computing” which secure, store, transport, protect, charge and synchronize multiple mobile computing devices.

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