“We are actively reaching out to teacher preparation programs to help them understand our standards better, and we’re seeing much better dialogue going forward,” said McKee.

Though the evaluation doesn’t explicitly address the use of technology in education, the top-ranked secondary school teacher prep program at Western Governors University is online.

“It shows that our standards can apply to new approaches to teacher training. This is a program that takes teacher training seriously and is delivering it in an online platform,” said McKee.

With more technology being used in schools, McKee says there are more data available on how students are doing, which helps teachers and organizations better assess the effectiveness of certain instruction.

As more organizations and policy makers shed light on the topic of teacher quality, the hope is that there will be more reform. Since the first NCTQ report on teacher preparation programs, 33 states have made changes in education policy.

“The basic finding is the field has a long way to go, but we are seeing some movement and seeing institutions, like the top ranked, that are making an effort,” said McKee.

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Lisa Driscoll is an editorial intern at eSchool News.