Get the stats on STEM vs. STEAM

Despite an increased call for arts integration, 51 percent of art teachers say they are unhappy about a perceived decline in art education, which many attribute to an increased focus on test results and the subjects included in standardized tests.

Six percent of public elementary schools offer no specific music education, and 17 percent offer no specific visual arts instruction.

It’s true that STEM is crucial. Four out of five college students said they decided to study STEM in high school or earlier, and STEM helps students develop deductive reasoning, problem solving, and reasoning skills.

STEAM supporters say that adding arts into this focus will expand STEM’s benefits.

Ninety-three percent of Americans said they believe the arts are crucial when it comes to offering a well-rounded education to today’s students, and 86 percent said arts education helps improve children’s attitudes about school.

STEAM studies help develop and strengthen creativity and innovation skills, communication and collaboration, and flexibility and adaptability.

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Laura Ascione

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