Latest update adds learning resources to next gen student assessment platform to further aid teachers in personalizing & individualizing instruction

(EDINA, MN) Naiku, provider of award winning, next generation classroom assessment software, announced today the addition of adaptive learning resources to its cloud-based classroom assessment platform. These new tools are designed to help teachers to accelerate and further personalize student learning through better assessment.

Naiku‘s cloud-based software is used by schools and districts to quickly measure and track each student’s proficiency of standards in any subject and grade, and is used by individual teachers as well as by groups of teachers in PLCs or across a school or district with common assessments. Using metacognitive tools of confidence, justification/journaling, and reflection, Naiku uniquely provides teachers with a ready means of enabling teacher-student interactive feedback as part of everyday assessment to help drive student achievement.

Teachers can use data from existing assessments, share items and assessments with other teachers, create new assessments using Naiku’s item bank, or create their own items and assessments using the platform’s complete test generator. In each case, question items can be aligned to one or more learning targets. Coupled with automatic scoring and live reporting, the cloud-based platform allows teachers to immediately see student performance and where they may need additional support.

“We’re excited about the addition of learning resources as another tool to help teachers inform and personalize their instruction” said Greg Wright, CEO of Naiku. “The addition of automatically supplied learning resources, chosen by the teacher, furthers the deep engagement in learning that Naiku offers with confidence, journaling, and student reflection.”

With these new resources, teachers have the ability to attach instructional resources to learning standards that aid in personalizing instruction. Resources selected by the teacher are automatically recommended to students based on individual proficiency achieved and criteria previously set by the teacher.

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About Naiku:
Naiku is devoted to improving K-12 learning by providing next generation classroom assessment solutions on an open, SaaS based platform. Naiku provides educators the ability to readily measure and monitor student progress using any web enabled device and engage students more deeply through unique teacher-student interactive feedback tools. Naiku allows educators to create, share, import and deliver standards aligned quizzes and tests in any subject area. With automated scoring and built-in reports, teachers can inform and differentiate their instruction and data can be shared across the school and district to enhance best practices. With Naiku, Better Assessment leads to Better Learning. For more information, visit

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