Teaching coding to a large class of secondary, FE or HE students has now been made significantly easier with the launch of Codio from Application Craft UK – a free web-based programming platform featuring rich code editing, a wide portfolio of programming languages1 and dedicated virtual servers that can be accessed quickly and easily from within a browser.

Designed to take the pain out of programming, Codio allows teachers to side step the time consuming task of setting up many programming tools (stacks) for the various operating systems on every single Mac or PC within an ICT suite and on students’ own machines. It also allows them to assign courses to specific classes, directly access student code stored on the cloud, assign marks and add notes anytime anywhere.

Unlike other players in the market such as Codeacademy who provide a basic introduction to coding, or Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy and Udacity who offer content orientated solutions, Codio provides teachers and students with a strong underlying coding platform. It also supports the concept of ‘Open Source’ courses, allowing teaching content to be shared globally and copied and modified without restriction.

“My mission is to help teach the world to code”, said Founder and Digital Entrepreneur, Freddy May. “From life changing technologies to socially revolutionary applications, code is the centrepiece for industry, as we know it today – it is vital that we equip the next generation with the skills to compete in a global marketplace.”
Codio’s offering for professional developers, that sits alongside the education element, has already received the thumbs up from its 30,000 users (20% of which stem from the education sector). These programmers are using it for HTML5, CSS and Javascript development at the front end. On the back end there is significant usage in NodeJS, Ruby, PHP as well as many other languages such as Go, Haskell, Ocaml.
Codio is free to use for all public projects. It is also free for any publicly available courses that can then be freely consumed by students. A commission charge is payable by teachers and tutors using the site to host commercial courses.

1. Each Codio project is pre-installed with NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Java and C compilters as well as Git and Mercurial and other developer tools.

About the Author:

Abi Mandelbaum

Abi Mandelbaum is CEO of YouVisit.