(September 8, 2014) – Pitsco Education always gives away catalogs, but this fall the education company is giving away boxes of kits and books valued at $150 each as part of its 2014 Elementary STEM catalog release.

Open to all elementary educators, this catalog’s promotional drawing is for 100 boxes of STEM products, including eight different hands-on kits, the Class Phonics Workbook, Children’s Engineering book, structures posters, Animal Math flash cards, and more. Educators can go to www.pitsco.com/freebox by Oct. 31 to register for the drawing.

With more than 24 activities and curriculum programs highlighted along with hands-on STEM tools and resources, the 2014 Elementary STEM catalog introduces teachers to methods of teaching STEM that engage young students and build their confidence. Some activities featured are:
• Straw Rockets – A rocket launched easily with a pneumatic launcher. Students can build rockets in minutes and are testing them in no time.
• Prop Racers – Laser-cut kits are quick to construct and the twisted rubber motor and propeller make this little racer fly. Great for demonstrating potential versus kinetic energy and torsion.
• STEM in the Gym™ – Designed by award-winning teacher Cindy Jones, this program connects kinesthetic learning with learning about simple machines and how they help us.

To learn more about these and other featured items, request the 85-page catalog by visiting www.pitsco.com or calling 800-835-0686.

• Catalog request link: http://aux.pitsco.com/forms/CatalogRequest.aspx
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Pitsco Education is the leading provider of age-appropriate, student-centered K-12 STEM learning solutions. Our standards-based curriculum, products, equipment, and materials promote student success through positive and challenging learning experiences, and our hands-on solutions teach core concepts and career skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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