Teachwise provides a resource for teachers to buy and sell educational materials with unique features for ease of use and flexibility

EXTON, Pennsylvania, Sep. 17, 2014- Frontline Technologies, a leading provider of web-based software for the K-12 education market, today launched a new website for teachers, Teachwise. Teachwise provides an online marketplace for teachers to buy and sell original educational materials.
“Teachwise is a win-win for teachers,” said B2C Product Manager Dan Curry. “All teachers can save valuable time by finding great materials to help in their classrooms, and teacher-sellers can supplement their incomes while helping the teaching community.”
Frontline developed Teachwise after surveying more than 1,000 teachers to gain insight into the needs of educators using similar products. These responses assisted in the formation of features such as a built-in product editor, weekly payouts to sellers and a simplified sign up process.
Teachwise provides a resource to assist teachers in educational planning while helping others supplement their income. Teachwise Relationship Manager and former teacher Mike Windsor said the product would have greatly benefited him during his 15 years in the classroom.
“In my first year of teaching, the availability of creative materials from experienced educators would have been invaluable,” he said. “In my fifteenth year, finding current, creative complements to my existing lessons was vital.”
Going forward, Teachwise will continue to be driven by the needs of teachers. Early sellers, called “Founding Members,” will provide insight into their experiences and will have the opportunity to give suggestions and advice. Teachers buying materials will also have future opportunities to drive content by giving feedback from their experiences.
Learn more at www.teachwise.com.

About Frontline Technologies
Frontline Technologies provides web-based solutions for the K-12 education industry. Frontline first entered the K-12 market in 1998 with Aesop, the first phone and web-based automated substitute placement and absence management system.
Frontline has continued to build out its suite K-12 solutions with VeriTime, a time and attendance management system, and AppliTrack, the leading provider of recruiting, selection and HR file management tools for school districts. More than 5,000 school districts and 2 million educators across the U.S. and Canada currently use Frontline products to save time and improve efficiency.
Frontline also provides innovative tools for K-12 educators, including Jobulator, an automatic job-notification service for substitute teachers, K12JobSpot, the nation’s leading educational job board, and Teachwise, an online marketplace for educators to buy and sell learning materials.

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