Victor, NY – September 22, 2014 – The use of the multimedia lessons included in NewPath’s Online Learning Program “substantially and significantly increase students’ understanding” of key, standards-based educational concepts, according to a recently completed, independent study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In a randomized field testing, 1,233 middle and high school students in 15 schools nationwide completed pre-tests on one of three multimedia lessons directly applicable to key Science concepts found in current state and national benchmarks, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These pre-tests were followed by completion of lesson presentations, interactive activities and virtual lab investigations selected from NewPath’s related multimedia lessons on those topics. Upon completion of these sections, post-tests were administered to determine the impact of the modules upon the students’ comprehension. The results on each of the three showed statistically significant improvement in the students’ understanding of the topics covered which were consistent with “large intervention effects”, according to independent analysis conducted by Dr. Guillermo Montes, an expert in student outcomes measurements at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY.

These lessons are included as a component of the “click-and-play” digital content found within NewPath’s Online Learning Program. The program also provides educators with the ability to create and deliver custom, digital lessons for direct access by students on computers, iPads, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, these lessons can be used for whole class presentation via interactive whiteboards. NewPath’s Online Learning Program also features a unique classroom management system to track and analyze student performance as well as cloud-based lesson storage to save lessons for future use or share with fellow educators.

“We are extremely proud of results of the study and the impact of our work upon student understanding of complex concepts,” said George Nassis, co-founder of NewPath and the head of the company’s development efforts. “The lessons and the Online Learning Program designed for their delivery, were extensively tested through a series of educator focus groups as well as classroom pilot tests to ensure their functional utility and pedagogical efficacy.”

“The results speak for themselves,” said company president Kurt Gelke, fellow co-founder and the partner of Nassis. “For schools looking to make a significant impact on student comprehension, the multimedia lessons contained within our Online Learning Program are proven to provide effective results at an economic cost”.

Details about the study can be found on NewPath’s website at Teachers may also subscribe for a free trial of the site to test these innovative resources for use as a part of their curriculum.

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NewPath Learning, LLC is a leading developer of supplemental education products for Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies for Grades K – High School. Founded by Kurt Gelke and George Nassis in 2007, the company’s products are used in classrooms across the country. In addition to NewPath’s Online Learning Program, the company’s product line includes the Curriculum Mastery Game Learning System, winner of Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award, as well as flip charts, Interactive Whiteboard software, study cards, learning guides and posters to provide comprehensive coverage of the current national and state standards.

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