Westlake, OH (September 24, 2014) – CartWriteTM, the online technology furniture distributor, announces an expanded line of laptop carts according to Edward M. Stevens, Chairman and CEO of CartWrite.

“These are high-quality products that are readily available and priced 20% less than the list price,” said Stevens. “Our customers will also find our free shipping appealing.”

The company offers Laptop carts including the LT 15 Laptop Cart, LT 24 Laptop Cart, LT 30 Laptop Cart, vLT 15 Laptop Cart, vLT 30 Laptop Cart, and Impression 30 Imaging Laptop Cart.

• LT Series.
LT 15 Laptop Cart. The LT 15 is a compact size that is easy to move and is accessible in and out of rooms and between desks and tables. It has a 15’ retractable power cord and smooth rolling balloon wheels for mobility.
LT 24 Laptop Cart. The LT 24 can hold 24 laptops and provide secure storage and controlled storage all in one. The laptops provide pull-out trays for easy access that lessens the chance for damage.
LT 30 Laptop Cart. The LT 30 can support 30 laptops and provide secure storage and controlled storage. It is similar to the LT 24, but has two extra wheels to help disperse the load and allow the cart to move easily. For security measures, it has a dual-bolt lock protection.
• vLT Series.
vLT 15 Laptop Cart. This cart offers vertical storage for laptops. The vLT 15 features a steel frame for increased durability 5” balloon wheels for maximum stability and mobility.
vLT 30 Laptop Cart. The vLT 30 features a breakthrough in terms of quality, security, and price. It comes with custom-made double-bolt locks and 16-gauge steel frame. In addition, it features our standard 5” balloon wheels.
Impression 30 Imaging Laptop Cart. The Impression 30 uses network cables to image multiple hard drives without affecting the bandwidth of your wireless network. It encompasses drop-down wire trays which makes charging and Ethernet wires for various laptops simple and easy to arrange. The power strip, timer and imaging hub is tucked neatly behind the Impression 30.

“Our charging carts and accessories are state-of-the-art,” said Stevens. “CartWrite is here to meet your classroom and business technology furniture needs. If you have mobile devices and tablets, CartWrite intends to have the support and charging carts and furniture you seek.”

A new CartWrite website highlights the features of each product, the options available and necessary purchasing information. CartWrite.com makes it possible for visitors to select technology furniture and options directly from the website.

Since the company’s founding in 1998, CartWrite has been dedicated to supplying cost-effective, problem-solving technology furniture and accessories for educational facilities, businesses, homes, libraries, hospitality and medical facilities. For more information, visit www.cartwrite.com or write sales@cartwrite.com.


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Abi Mandelbaum

Abi Mandelbaum is CEO of YouVisit.