Pitsco Education’s third-quarter scholarship winner of 2014, Fontenelle Elementary (Omaha, NE) technology teacher Kelly Hiatt, has been teaching for 25 years and truly enjoys what she does. “I love helping both teachers and students integrate technology into the curriculum,” she says.

As the school’s testing coordinator, Hiatt also gets to witness the academic growth that takes place in her students. “This is rewarding!” she says. “I get the pleasure of working with students in various grade levels and watching them grow and achieve throughout the school year.”

As someone who has always wanted to be a teacher, Hiatt is living out her dream. “When I was young, my friends and I would play school and I always ended up being the teacher. . . . I love being a teacher and working with my students!”

The Pitsco Scholarship is awarded quarterly to a worthy educator. Winners receive a $500 certificate to purchase products at www.pitsco.com. To be eligible, nominees must be currently employed in the education field.

• Deadlines, a list of previous winners, and a link to the nominee form can be found at www.pitsco.com/scholarship.
• To learn more about Kelly Hiatt, visit http://www.pitsco.com/content/?art=7601.
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