PITTSBURG, KS (September 29, 2014) – How can two products fill an entire catalog? With the TETRIX® PRIME and MAX Building Systems for robotics, it’s no problem at all.

The 40-page 2014-15 Robotics Catalog introduces Pitsco Education’s new TETRIX PRIME Building System, which is designed for ages 12 and up. Simple and intuitive, the system features a quick-rivet fastening system that makes for easy prototyping and building. The Starter Set, Gripper Kit, individual elements, servos, and more are featured in the catalog.

Pitsco’s original building system, TETRIX MAX, is the preferred building system for the FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) competition and is ideal for large-scale robots. MAX’s full range of sets, metal gears, wheel and tank tread options, tools, storage, and curriculum build on the introductory offerings for PRIME.

Best of all, PRIME and MAX can be used together to provide even more flexibility and building options. Both systems offer high-grade aluminum pieces and work out of the box with an R/C controller or can be used with various programming platforms such as LEGO® Education’s NXT and EV3, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Both can also be used in national and international robotics competitions such as FTC, SkillsUSA Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue, and World Robot Olympiad.

Request a free copy of the 2014-15 Robotics Catalog at www.pitsco.com/catalogrequest, where you also may download a PDF file of the catalog. Visit the updated www.tetrixrobotics.com website, which features the online TETRIX store as well as competition information, example robot builds, and more.

• Catalog request link: www.pitsco.com/catalogrequest
• Learn more about TETRIX PRIME: http://www.pitsco.com/About/?art=7534
• View videos of TETRIX: www.youtube.com/TETRIXbyPitsco
• Other TETRIX social media: plus.google.com/+Tetrixrobotics/, www.facebook.com/TETRIXbyPitsco, and https://twitter.com/TETRIXrobotics
• Images: For high-resolution images, e-mail Publicrelations@pitsco.com.

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