Empowering superintendents in the digital age

Superintendents have a critical role in digital transformation

superintendent-leadershipSuperintendents lead. They are charged with preparing students to be college-, career-, and life-ready, and with enabling a 21st-century learning environment. Increasingly, this means leveraging digital technologies to create personalized learning opportunities.

As leaders, superintendents play an essential role as a catalyst for using technology to transform learning. In districts where superintendents have created a clear and compelling vision for technology, positive learning changes are occurring. In districts where the superintendent has abdicated that responsibility, technology is rarely scaled in a systemic manner.

Given the critical role of superintendents in leading the digital transformation, how do we support them in creating a robust learning environment? And how do we scale this so that all superintendents, not only the “tech savvy” ones, are moving in this direction?

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