Over the past decade, the Carnegie Science Center has considered itself a leader in the area of science education for girls, creating programs such as science sleepovers, implementing school tours of workplaces of successful scientists and creating a website, CanTEEN, aimed at tween and teenage girls.

So imagine CSC’s surprise to find itself called “disgusting” and “a disgrace” because its sole offering for the Girl Scouts is a program called “Science With a Sparkle”–teaching how to become a “cosmetic chemist.”

The CSC started to notice postings on its Facebook page a week ago–responses to a cropped photo from the science center’s Explore brochure, contrasting its programs for Boy Scouts, such as Chemistry, Engineering and Astronomy, with the lone Science With a Sparkle offering for Girl Scouts.

The next day, websites and blogs such as Jezebel and Wonkette started to take up the cause. “Marie Curie may very well rise from her grave to gnash her teeth,” wrote Jezebel.

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