Learning Management System Makes Instructor Grading, Annotating and Feedback Possible from One Mobile App

NEW YORK – October 9, 2014—A new update to Schoology’s iOS mobile application streamlines instructor grading and workflows with the ability to annotate assignments right within the Schoology app. Now instructors can easily give feedback to students and write comments without using third-party add-ins. Schoology’s app update also includes an entirely new grading workflow allowing instructors to toggle between student submissions with a simple gesture: swiping left or right.

Most web and mobile versions of learning management systems (LMS) use third-party external applications to annotate, which slows the user down and risks losing data. “The ability to provide rich feedback and annotate without leaving Schoology is critical for educators,” said Jeremy Friedman, Schoology co-founder and CEO. “We are excited to provide instructors with unparalleled support for providing meaningful, interactive feedback using the devices of their choice.”

Additional new Schoology mobile capabilities include:
• View and grade submitted assignments in nearly 200 different file formats
• Rubric-based grading
• Create and view annotations with free hand draw, sticky note, text highlight, text underline and more
• Easy, single-point access to all student submitted files
• Easy toggle between courses, sections, assignments, students and revisions
• Gestures such as swiping left and right
• Audio or video comments

“We have used every efficiency of the mobile environment to make mobile annotations and feedback in Schoology the easiest, most time-efficient and most powerful annotation functionality of any LMS today,” added Friedman.

Today, 7 million users around the world use Schoology’s unified platform with tools for instruction and curriculum management, dedicated mobile apps, access to an integrated global learning community, advanced analytics and reporting, and an open platform for third-parties to build on top of the Schoology learning management system.

About Schoology
New York City-based Schoology—used by seven million users in over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities around the world—combines dynamic learning management, an easy-to-use collaborative interface and next-generation API integration into one innovative solution. Schoology transforms learning into a media-rich interactive experience where students, teachers, parents and administrators work together to raise student achievement worldwide. Available as a free stand-alone product and as a fee-based integrated enterprise-class solution deployed in schools or across districts, Schoology is user-centric and scalable for any blended learning environment. More information at schoology.com or @schoology.

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