To make electronic books available to students and teachers at all 160 member schools, the Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids (RILINK) has started a shared eBook collection called BookLynx.

With more schools going to one-to-one computing, our students must have access to the books and other learning resources they need on computers, tablets, and smart phones. Students can read eBooks in school, at home, or even while waiting in line, with multiple titles at their fingertips, all on one device. Many of the eBooks have a read-aloud option for beginning readers or students with special needs, highlighting the text as the voice reads to promote reading skills. Students can also bookmark text, save notes, and add eBooks to their resource bibliographies.

What school can afford to build an eBook Collection like this on its own? Financing such an endeavor is a real challenge, especially in these budget-constrained times. Please help meet this challenge by contributing to the BookLynx crowd-funding campaign at Donations will be used to purchase eBooks for the shared collection, providing access for all students in RILINK member schools.

RILINK’s mission is to foster innovative learning and creative research in school libraries through partnerships and resource sharing for student success. The Network’s catalog, RICAT, provides online library services to more than 80,000 K-12 students, teachers, and parents statewide. RICAT creates a user-friendly digital learning environment where students, teachers, administrators, librarians, and parents can discover, share, organize, and collaborate. To learn more about RILINK, please visit

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