Scholastic Adds Two New Offerings to Support Small Group Instruction in K-6 ELA Classrooms

Scholastic Adds Two New Offerings to Support Small Group Instruction in K-6 ELA Classrooms

Guided Reading Short Reads Engages Students through Complex Informational Texts and Academic Vocabulary; Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition Provides Schools with More than 5,000 Leveled Texts, Formative Assessments, and Digital Tools for Teachers

New York, NY — November 10, 2014— Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, today announced the launch of Guided Reading Short Reads, a K-6 resource that deepens students’ comprehension of complex, short, informational texts, and Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition, an all-in-one resource featuring leveled texts, powerful assessments, and new technology tools that combine to create a unique whole-school shared reading resource for all K-6 students.
Guided Reading Short Reads and Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition both support small group differentiated instruction for grades K-6 and are the newest offerings in Scholastic’s comprehensive suite of reading and writing programs for ELA classrooms, which includes the Guided Reading programs, Traits Writing™, Classroom Magazines, nonfiction collections and text sets, theme-based classroom libraries, and more.
Guided Reading Short Reads:
Guided Reading Short Reads provides students with the opportunity to develop their ability to read and understand challenging informational texts while encouraging a love of reading. Guided Reading Short Reads fits seamlessly into existing K-6 guided reading groups and gives students the practice they need to decode and comprehend complex texts.

Included in the program are Student Informational Text Cards which offer short, complex passages that are thematically linked to Guided Reading Nonfiction 2nd Edition. With a wide range of subjects and text types, Guided Reading Short Reads exposes students to a variety of academic and domain-specific vocabulary and critical science and social studies content. For teachers, Guided Reading Short Reads includes a Teacher’s Guide that provides instructional support and strategies to help students deepen their understanding of increasingly complex texts.

Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition:
Scholastic’s new Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition for grades K-6 is a comprehensive package of 5,400 leveled texts across a wide range of text types and genres, featuring, new digital resources, and research-based instruction that can enrich teacher skills and prepare students for real-world reading.
Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition offers multiple copies of 6-book sets of authentic leveled texts for small-group instruction, teaching cards for every title, Next Step Guided Reading Assessment kits from Guided Reading practitioners Jan Richardson and Maria Walther, new digital tools like the Text Set Finder, allowing teachers to create custom text-sets based on theme, genre, text type, and author, and a new Implementation Guide that provides support at every step for effective differentiated instruction. Thoughtfully redesigned from previous editions, Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition is available with a wide range of customizable options that include convenient and sturdy bookshelves and bins with customized labeling options.

“Scholastic has a long history of providing programs and resources that empower elementary school and language arts teachers, and give students the tools they need to become lifelong readers and writers while opening up a world of interests,” said Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer for Scholastic. “Guided Reading Short Reads and our unique Leveled Bookroom provide students with authentic fiction and informational texts to build knowledge and academic vocabulary, preparing them for rigorous standards, college, careers and life.”

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