Can BYOD be a reality?

Although BYOD can supplement other district initiatives, I find that there are a number of activities/situations that will still require district assets to make ends meet. Is there a happy balance between BYOD and district provided options? How can we encourage BYOD, but still provide adequate resources for students who don’t participate?

K-12 marketing is a huge industry and I feel that often we are steered into directions based on the current marketing trends. Is BYOD a trend brought on by marketing or can it really be a reality? Personal devices will continue to infiltrate our buildings whether in teachers or students hands, this is a fact. These devices certainly can be allowed onto our networks and be used for instruction if the user so prefers.

The real challenge presents itself during the times of assessments, specialized software which requires licensing, operating system limitations, and most importantly in my mind, students/teachers who don’t have a personal device to use. The term has been around long enough now that it’s not going away. What is the true answer to a successful BYOD ONLY program is still unanswered in my eyes…

Joe Kuzo is Director of Technology at Quakertown Community School District. This article first appeared in his blog.

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