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Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University startup Playpower is releasing MathPop, an adaptive math learning system designed to make math fun for kids in 1-5 grade. MathPop follows up on the successful and award-winning “Math Planet” app, which was acclaimed as a winner of the New York City Department of Education “Gap App” competition for best middle school math app.

The MathPop learning system provides parent data tracking to help understand a child’s progress through dozens of grade aligned math topics, including the common core standards. The app uses an adaptive learning algorithm to suggest two math activities to users each day. The free version provides adaptivity and the complete curriculum without advertisements, while the paid version allows for more than two activities per day. Parents, of course, are encouraged to pay for the full $4.99 app to accelerate their child’s learning. All versions of the game allow players to save up credits from solving math problem to play Aqua Ride, a new fast-paced game for kids.

“This is a new experiment for us, to see if providing pure gameplay within our math games can help increase the likelihood that kids will return to the app again and again” says company co-founder Derek Lomas. In November, Lomas will be defending his PhD on “Optimizing Learning and Engagement in Online Games” from the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

We started Playpower to bring effective digital learning experiences to children everywhere, but to do that, we need to blend learning science, machine learning and game design. Our goal is to create a company that can contribute to the science of learning by helping millions of kids actually learn. Playpower was part of Techstars EdTech accelerator at Kaplan, in New York City.

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