Chicago expands instructional services for educators

Schools across the district can use Teachscape to provide educators with valuable training aligned to the REACH Framework for Teaching

instructional-teachingTeachscape has been selected by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) as an approved provider of instructional services aligned to the district’s REACH Framework for Teaching. By using Teachscape Focus for Teachers to provide educators with robust online training and support around the framework, schools across the district can ensure the effective implementation of the REACH Framework for Teaching.

Teachscape Focus for Teachers will help educators in CPS fully understand the REACH Framework for Teaching, which was adapted from Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (FFT) and closely aligns to the domains and components of the FFT. Designed in partnership with ETS and based on the FFT, Teachscape Focus for Teachers contains video-rich online training and reflective exercises that help build confidence in evaluations by preparing teachers and their observers for fair, reliable observations and professional conversations about teaching practice.

“When teachers have a clear and deep understanding of their district’s instructional framework, they are better able to reflect on their practice, have a clearer vision of how to develop their teaching, and gain more confidence in the district’s evaluation process, ” said Andrew Morrison, CEO of Teachscape. “CPS’ approval of Teachscape’s Focus for Teachers gives educators the comprehensive, research-based training needed to ensure an effective implementation of the CPS framework, which is of utmost importance to the district.”

Used by more than 250,000 educators nationwide, Teachscape Focus for Teachers complements Teachscape Focus for Observers, which is currently being used by administrators across the entire district. Now, with the CPS approval, teachers will receive the same level of instructional support and be able to – along with administrators – create a common language around teaching effectiveness based on the REACH Framework for Teaching.

Schools in the district will have the option to implement Teachscape Focus for Teachers by itself or as part of a blended support model, which includes the Teachscape Focus for Teachers training and face-to-face training from the Danielson Group, to help educators master the REACH Framework for Teaching.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione

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