Large Rural District Embraces Education Technology Management Changes to Better Compete.
Philipsburg., PA, November 14, 2014—Philipsburg Osceola , a large rural school district, has increased its ability to deliver better classroom experience for teachers and students with upgraded technology abilities. The District has completed numerous technology department and technology upgrades as part of a contract with an education technology management partner.
“Rural districts are in danger of being ‘the child left behind’ unless we embrace the digital changes that can transform a district and give it a chance to compete,” said Philipsburg-Osceola Superintendent Gregg Paladina. “We right sized our technology department, engaging our top-performing tech staff and adding processes and new resources to help us better leverage technology to make a better classroom experience.”
In March 2014 Philipsburg-Osceola’s School Board approved a contract with Questeq, a K-12 technology management provider for K-12, to manage the technology program at the district. A little over six months later the rebuilt technology delivers a superior technology support experience and the district now confidently uses tablets and smart boards to all classrooms. Teachers were able to pilot the new devices to learn how to integrate technology into their lesson plans. The district now has a Pennsylvania information management systems (PIMS) manager on the district team. This is important as such things as state funds for everything, including funding of free or reduced price lunches—that some 48% of the district’s students use—are determined by the correct digital reporting through PIMS. The district also implemented a new finance software system and upgraded phone and security systems.
“The Philipsburg Osceola district has undergone significant change in six months, We now have better onsite technology resources, better technology support and a better teacher and student experience, “ explained Paladina. “We got a far better product for about the same budget, and are better able to prepare our students to compete.”
About Philipsburg-Osceola
The Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District is located in Clearfield and Centre counties. It is comprised of approximately 1,900 students and 300 employees in two K-4 elementary schools (Philipsburg Elementary and Osceola Mills Elementary), a 5-6 intermediate-level school (North Lincoln Hill Elementary), a 7-8 Junior High School and a 9-12 Senior High School. Philipsburg Osceola is committed to helping all students achieve at the highest levels. Teachers use inquiry-based instruction, an effective, researched-based teaching strategy, and work collaboratively to prepare students to become outstanding citizens. To learn more visit
About Questeq:
With over 30 years of experience, Questeq Inc., a privately-owned education technology management (ETM) provider to K-12 school districts. Questeq draws from a proprietary ETM model and best practices learned from the multiple districts it manages, to enable customers to focus on the core mission of education while achieving unparalleled value from their technology investments. To learn more, visit

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