Below, you’ll find five hashtags that offer engaging and thought-provoking tweets from educators across the planet.

To access the most recent tweets categorized under any of these hashtags, simply enter the hashtag in the Twitter search field, or click on it within any Tweet that contains it.


The #edtech category contains, as you probably guessed, tweets about education technology, technology in schools, and reasons why classrooms and students benefit from teachers who correctly implement and use technology during instruction.

Recent tweets cover critical thinking and The Maker Movement.


Created by Steven W. Anderson and Tom Whitby, this well-known hashtag and chat offers tons of discussion threads about any education topic imaginable.


This hashtag highlights those interested in discussing and advocating for arts in education. And as recent STEAM conversations reveal, the arts occupy a powerful place in many science, math, and engineering lessons.


Gaming, gamification, and game-based learning: These terms are no stranger to education. With efforts underway to implement game-based learning in more and more classrooms, and as educators discover ways to assess student achievement through games, this hashtag offers some of the most current discussions on gaming’s role in education.


The STEM hashtag is pretty self-explanatory. For discussions about STEM lessons, STEM advocacy, STEM engagement strategies, and more, go right to this ongoing conversation.