Georgia district extends free broadband to Title I schools

Partnership with Kajeet Education enables district’s mobile broadband expansion

broadband-accessThrough a partnership with wireless service provider Kajeet, Georgia’s Fayette County Schools are offering mobile broadband coverage to students in the district’s Title I schools.

Partnering with 47 districts in 20 states, Kajeet is keeping students connected to online textbooks, apps, emails, documents and websites, as well as their teachers, with its Kajeet SmartSpot solution to ensure that students have a level playing field for academic success.

“The pen and paper days are gone in school, but when kids needed paper and pencil, we provided the materials,” said Clarice Howard, Title I Coordinator for Fayette County Schools. “Today all students need access to computing devices. Through Title I funds, our district provided devices for those who couldn’t afford them, and, with the need to extend the learning day, it’s our responsibility to level the playing field for these children by providing equipment for connectivity after school.”

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Laura Ascione

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