Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Middle school, high school, and college-level students worldwide who are interested in this challenge: Send us your best design in the form of an STL file, and tell us why your design improves on the existing engineering solution or why it’s a great original or redesigned work of art or architecture. The winning entries will be creative, mechanically sound and realistically achievable. Since the contest’s inception, Stratasys has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to innovative students, plus recognition on our website. Instructors of top students receive tablet computers for classroom use.

Deadline: Feb. 11, 2015


Wendell G. Mohling Outstanding Aerospace Educator Award

The Dr. Wendell G. Mohling Outstanding Aerospace Educator Award recognizes excellence in the field of aerospace education as outlined in the NSTA Position Statement on Aerospace Education. An award of $3,000 is given to the recipient, and up to $2,000 is provided to attend the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. The recipient of the Award will be honored during the Awards Banquet and the Aerospace Educators Luncheon at the NSTA Conference.

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2014


Excellence in Teaching Technology and Engineering

The Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators in cooperation with Pitsco/Hearlihy & Company proudly announces the $2,000 Pitsco/Hearlihy/FTEE Grant in honor of Tom and Mary Hearlihy. The grant is for a technology and engineering teacher at any grade level (K-12). Its purpose is to recognize and encourage the integration of a quality technology and engineering education program within the school curriculum. Criteria include: (1) evidence of an effective quality technology and engineering education program, (2) documented success in the integration of technology and engineering education with other academic subjects, and (3) plans for professional development via the anticipated grant.

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2014


MathMovesU Middle School Scholarship

Calling all middle school students! This scholarship asks 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to describe how math moves their world. Each year, MathMovesU awards 150 middle school students nationwide $1,000 scholarships to attend math and science camps and programs, or to save the money for college. Raytheon also donates a $1,000 matching grant to each winning student’s middle school.

Deadline: Feb. 7, 2015


Reader Bee and the Story Tree App Honored by Industry Leaders

Camas, Wash. (Nov. 5, 2014)¬ – Reader Bee and the Story Tree, an iPad app that uses a highly effective, simplified approach to teach sounds, letters and words to young children, wins three prestigious product awards. Dr. Toy honored Reader Bee and the Story Tree with a 10 Best Technology award and a 100 Best Children’s Products award. The National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) presented the app with a silver award in the children’s products competition. Developed by Learning Circle Kids, the app guides emerging readers through the basics of hearing sounds, tracing letters and forming three-letter words.

Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D has been a leading expert on children’s products for more than 30 years. Her annual 100 Best Products Program identifies the most innovative and engaging toys, games and products for children. Winning products promote activity, creativity, learning and fun, plus build important life skills while supporting child development.

“We’re proud to be listed as a top product in 26th Annual 100 Best Children’s Award Program,” said Ann McCormick, president and founder of Learning Circle Kids. “Dr. Toy’s expert selection further validates that our app empowers kids to have fun while taking charge of their learning.”

Each year, NAPPA enlists expert judges, parents and children who evaluate and play with hundreds of submissions to find the highest quality, most educational and entertaining products. One of the longest-running and most-respected awards programs serving the family market, NAPPA thought Reader Bee and the Story Tree stood out amongst the applicants.

“Parents want the best for their families and strive to make the best consumer decisions possible,” said Julie Kertes, NAPPA general manager. “A NAPPA award-winning product is one that parents can trust and kids will love.”
Reader Bee and the Story Tree gives preschoolers and kindergarteners a jumpstart in reading and writing. The iPad app makes learning easier and more intuitive, paving the way for confident readers. Through simplified reading methods and a custom keyboard, kids learn to use the Honeycomb Keyboard by introducing seven letters at a time.

To download Reader Bee and the Story Tree, visit the iTunes App Store.

About Learning Circle Kids, LLC
Learning Circle Kids develops award-winning educational apps, books and toys for early childhood learners. The company offers tools that encourage children to engage with their learning circle, or individuals most involved in a child’s growth. The primary product line from Learning Circle Kids, Reader Bee, features iPad apps with the first-ever custom keyboard for children. Reader Bee pioneered the Honeycomb Reading method, a simplified way to teach children to read in a more effective, fun way. To learn more, visit www.readerbee.com.


TeacherCoach Announces Release of New Online Resource Community for Educators

New coaching and online training medium to integrate personal growth with professional development

Mount Laurel, NJ, November 5th, 2014- TeacherCoach, LLC, today announces the release of a new online resource community for educators.

Owned and operated by Dr. Jared Scherz, a clinical and educational psychologist and author with more than 25 years experience, TeacherCoach is the first training medium for educators that integrates Personal Growth with Professional Development (PGPD), two components vital to educator success.

Traditional professional development tools offer strategies and solutions, but seldom shed light on why problems exist and how best to make sustainable changes. TeacherCoach’s innovative online training medium goes above and beyond these traditional models. By combining coaching with online multimedia courses, TeacherCoach provides educators with a range of opportunities aimed at improving both their professional competence as educators, as well as their own personal and emotional well-being.

“At TeacherCoach, it is our mission to address the needs of the whole person as opposed to their work life alone,” stated Dr. Scherz. “We are very excited to announce the release of our innovative online resource community, which will provide educators with the tools, skills and strategies they need to succeed both personally and professionally within their school communities.”

About TeacherCoach
TeacherCoach is an online training medium for educators providing both personal growth and professional development opportunities through coaching and courses, allowing learners to customize their objectives. TeacherCoach offers skills, support, tools, strategy, problems solving, and general self-improvement.

For more information on TeacherCoach, please visit them online at www.teachercoach.com/ or contact Jared Scherz at coach@teachercoach.com.


Harmony Early Childhood Center Breaks New Ground In Use Of Mimio Technology, Equips 27 Classrooms

Successful pilot in special needs early learning classrooms spurs preschool center’s purchase of MimioTeach and MimioMobile

Cambridge, MA – Nov. 5, 2014 – Harmony Early Childhood Center, a preschool center serving children ages 3-5 years old in Olathe, Kansas, has equipped 27 of its classrooms with MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard bars and MimioMobile™ application licenses. The purchase expands the use of both Mimio products from a two-classroom pilot that took place during the winter and spring of 2014 as part of a bond-funded district initiative to test different types of educational technology and identify those that best met learning needs at each grade level.

The MimioTeach bar converts a conventional dry erase board into a full-featured interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost of conventional fixed interactive whiteboards. The MimioMobile app works on the iPad, iPod touch devices, iPhones (4 and up), and Android tablets, allowing these mobile devices to work in concert for collaborative learning activities as well as for formative assessment.

The MimioMobile app was integrated into another of Harmony Early Childhood Center’s pilots, a 2:1 iPad program. “Some might think that mobile technology is too complex to be a learning tool in preschool classrooms,” said Dan Winkler, Mimio’s chief technology officer. “But the two teachers involved in Harmony’s pilot – early childhood disabilities teachers Kim Buenger and Paige Moran – have proved that the technology can have a big impact. Both of them did amazing things with MimioMobile.”

One example of a MimioMobile-enabled preschool lesson explored transportation. Buenger and her three-year-old students tried it out the day after her initial training with the system. “We sorted transportation by air, land, and water,” Buenger explained. She was excited about how well the app and iPads worked in her classroom. Buenger also uses the MimioTeach device for circle time, on a daily basis.

While Buenger had been familiar with Mimio devices from her teaching days in Arizona, Moran was new to the interactive teaching technology. Nevertheless, she also displayed ingenuity in the creation of mobile lessons. One example from Moran’s class was a circle time attendance activity in which the class dragged student pictures to the onscreen “school.” Moran also created circle time counting and singing activities via the MimioMobile app and the iPads.

“I visited Buenger’s classroom and saw firsthand how she was using our technology with developmentally delayed preschoolers,” said Winkler. “With Mimio in 27 more classrooms at Harmony, I’m sure we’ll continue seeing impressive ideas and approaches from the center’s teachers.”

The complete MimioClassroom™ suite of interactive technologies is used in over 600,000 classrooms worldwide. In addition to the MimioTeach system, the suite includes the newly available MimioBoard™ touch board, which features six-point Touch 360° interactivity – the highest number of standard touch points available – for best-in-class performance; the MimioDisplay™ LED touch display; the MimioProjector™ interactive projector; the MimioView™ document camera; the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet; and the MimioCapture™ ink recorder. The power behind all Mimio products is the award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software, a single, intuitive program that runs Mimio hardware as well as interactive devices from other manufacturers.

About Mimio
Mimio is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies that offer a better way to learn and an empowering way to teach. A portfolio company of Skyview Capital, Mimio creates award-winning, innovative, and affordable hardware and software that increase teacher effectiveness and student engagement in K-12 classrooms. For more information, visit www.mimio.com. Follow Mimio on Twitter @MimioTechnology and “Like” us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Mimio.Technology.

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Twin Rivers Community Schools Improves Student Safety with TIPS

Students today face ongoing challenges with bullying, weapons, drugs/alcohol, violence and more. Often, disconnects between youth and school administrators cause many of these issues to slip through the cracks. Twin Rivers School District in Broseley, MO is focusing on prevention and giving their students a secure way to share their concerns.

Twin Rivers has implemented Awareity’s proven and multi-award-winning TIPS (Threat assessment, Incident management & Prevention Services) prevention platform to help improve student/staff communications and improve overall school safety. TIPS is an innovative solution equipping students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to anonymously report bullying, cyber bullying, weapons, abuse, vandalism, suicide risks and other concerning behaviors that may have a negative effect on the school’s learning environment.

According to Christina Miller, a high school counselor for Twin Rivers, “Although we are a small district, our teachers and staff are busy, and need to focus on the primary goal of academic achievement, not behavioral issues and safety concerns. TIPS allows us to immediately handle small situations when they start, whether that be comments made on Facebook or small disagreements between students, and will save us a lot of time and pain dealing with bigger issues that are allowed to escalate. TIPS automates and improves the way our school can proactively identify, respond and address student safety issues before they turn into tragedy.”

How it works: if you are worried about friends, students or others or witness concerning behaviors, simply go to the Twin Rivers School website and click on the TIPS REPORT INCIDENT button. Select the appropriate incident type, share the necessary details and SUBMIT. TIPS can also be used to report acts of kindness/Hero reports and for ongoing school climate surveys.

Once an incident report is made, the principal and designated staff members are immediately notified and can securely review the report details to begin coordinating an appropriate assessment and response. TIPS provides all team members with the right tools to track and document the actions taken, see related reports, set automated reminders, review past reports, check school policy, and connect the right dots so no students or incidents are overlooked.

“Our school participated in a student survey following the Stand for the Silent anti-bullying presentation and it was clear our students were asking for solutions. TIPS was a perfect fit for our school community, and the customization capabilities allow us to really make it our own and reach our students in a whole new way,” says Miller.

The TIPS platform is being utilized in over 400 schools across the nation and has empowered schools to intervene and prevent multiple suicides, bullying escalations and active shooter attacks. TIPS is the only comprehensive reporting solution available that also includes tools for threat assessment and ongoing training and policy acknowledgement.

About Awareity:
Awareity is reinventing the way schools and organizations of all types improve safety, prevent regulatory failures, compliance fines, lawsuits, privacy breaches, safety disconnects, operational challenges, ethical lapses, incident reporting failures, workplace violence and more. Awareity offers an innovative and cost-effective prevention platform to connect the dots, eliminate embarrassing gaps and realize a better bottom line.

Katie Johnson


10 ways to create engaging schools

Focusing on technology, communication, and other strategies can help students retain their love of learning

engaging-empoweringTechnology integration and project-based learning are two of 10 strategies that one district technology director uses to help educators create engaging schools and classrooms that excite and empower students.

Ninety-five percent of kindergartners are truly enthusiastic about school, but for some reason, that enthusiasm wanes, and only 37 percent of ninth graders are enthusiastic about school and learning, said Robert Dillon, director of technology and innovation for the Affton School District in St. Louis, during an edWeb Connected Educator Month webinar.

School leaders must find a way to sustain that kindergarten enthusiasm all the way through high school.

“When I talk about leading, it doesn’t mean being the principal,” Dillon said. “I believe everyone in our ecosystem is a leader—from teachers, to school resource officers, to students.”

(Next page: 10 steps to engaging and empowering students)