App of the Week: Find the opposites

opposite-appApp name: Opposite Ocean

What is it? Help Luna and Leo, young magicians at Magic School, as they dive into the ocean beside the castle. Luna and Leo choose the bubble word antonyms to solve the whale puzzles. The enchanted clam awards beautiful pearls and jewels to add to your sunken treasure chest.

Best for: Students and teachers

Price: $0.99

Requirements: iOS 6.1 or later

Features: Begin your ocean adventure choosing to play as either Luna or Leo, beginning to master the magic of words. In this adventure, Luna and Leo must correctly identify the antonym that is the opposite of the keyword in the whale puzzle sentences.

Earn a beautiful pearl when you drag the correct bubble word to the enchanted clam. See the clam spout bubbles when you drag an incorrect word bubble. A mermaid appear with a bonus jewel when you get 5 correct antonyms in a row. A squid squirts ink when you get 5 antonyms incorrect in a row.

Link: iTunes

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