Students develop problem-solving skills with computer coding

coding-classesAdeline Brutger peered at the screen of her mini-laptop.

The Grand Forks third-grader described three cartoon figures she was using in her story, two of which appeared to be walking down a road. One, a blob-like character, hovered in the sky.

Her plot was simple: One character says something mean to the other, and the latter whispers that he doesn’t appreciate the mean words. The third character says he doesn’t like the bullying that’s happening.

“I know most stories (require) problem solving, so I had to pick another guy to tell him the stuff,” she said during a recent Herald visit to her class.

Brutger was showing an example of a story she created, designed and put into action using basic computer coding techniques at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. As technology becomes ever ingrained in daily life, elementary students in Grand Forks and throughout the region are learning skills aimed at preparing them for the digital future, said school officials.

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