10 ways to revolutionize PD for the digital age

1. Technology Tuesdays. These are volunteer sessions for additional technology tool support. This is an opportunity for teachers to get additional tech support on new tools that can be integrated in to the classroom. This is done each month by school or district experts.

2. Flipped PD. Rethink professional development and begin to differentiate by allowing teachers to pick areas they want to learn about, create collaborative action plans, and then learn about their focus area. Simulate an EdCamp model, focus on more engaging and longer term PD that is more in depth rather than isolated shorter sessions.

3. Model and Celebrate. Model technology use with staff any chance you can (in professional development, staff meetings, student groups, model lessons, etc.).  Make sure that facilitators and administrators are using different tools as they present to show teachers how they work “in action”. Celebrate the risk-takers on your staff!

4. Be Flexible. Allow flexibility with what is used by both teachers and students. Don’t focus on one platform or one app. Teachers should be able to use what they are comfortable with and what works for their kids.

5. Tap into Student Resources. Use students to be a catalyst for what they want in their learning (Genius Hour, Genius Bar).  Make sure to get student feedback, allow for them to work on passion projects, and work on characteristics of collaboration, communication, and life-long learning. Have students share their learning with teachers and a global audience!

6. Innovate. Create time during the day to try new things! Have administration cover teacher classes so they can focus on planning and preparation for new strategies and ideas. Empower teachers with the gift of “time.”

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