Research indicates texts from teachers have the potential to improve students’ ability to learn

text-studyA text message can have a profound effect on the ability of students to learn, according to some researchers at Hardin-Simmons University.

Scott Hamm, director of online education at the school, along with Chuck Ruot, a professor of fitness and sport sciences, and Wade Ashby, director of academic technologies and system integrations, explored how communication on a student’s level can help teachers impart their knowledge and entice learning outside the typical classroom setting.

And being on a student level means using text messaging instead of email, Hamm said.

“A text from a friend saying ‘LOL’ isn’t on the same level as an email from a professor trying to impart some knowledge necessary for the future,” Hamm said. “It doesn’t matter how important the email is, they won’t pay as much attention to it as a text message. It’s not on the same level.

“As the teacher, I’m going to ask my students to do a lot of things in my class. I’m OK if they tell me to connect with them on their terms,” Hamm said.

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