So, do you face one or more of these dirty dozen issues? Believe it or not, three little letters L.M.S. can be the big answer to solving your problems. We use itslearning for our personalized learning solution because it’s unique design has not only been built for the way education is delivered today and all its ‘grimy’ issues, but for the absolute evolution yet to come.

For your needs, consider that the right LMS is an integral part to any learning initiative, so you will want to ensure that it is aligned with your goals. Does it offer a single platform for educators, students and parents? This addresses many of the challenges I outlined from increasing teacher effectiveness to enabling greater parent involvement.

And finally, does the system tie together the instructional needs to the teacher including curriculum development and planning using textbooks or Open Education Resources or teacher-created lessons; delivery of courses and instructional activities be that flipped, blended or personalized; student assessment; and data analysis, including standards mastery reporting. The right system is out there to meet your needs just be sure to consider these important issues to get the most from your LMS.

Martha Barwick is Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Harford (MD) County Public Schools.