Computers are more important than ever in today’s schools and workforce

computers-classroomComputer Science Week ended not long ago, but the whole month has felt tech-centric.

I’ve covered kids learning computer coding, talked to teens competing in cybersecurity and watched school board members try out Google apps. I’ve also scanned agenda after agenda discussing internet connection upgrades, administrative software and class sets of laptops.

There is a tech-tonic shift happening, pardon the pun, from the inkwell world where classrooms got their start. Encyclopedias to Googling. Wide-ruled binder paper to spreadsheets. Pencils to styluses.

More than the classic No. 2s have their futures on the line here. Whole industries have sprung up to help the massive education market spend its billions in new and exciting ways. A host of less-than-glamorous needs also will cost a pretty penny.

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