Districts take advantage of tech’s mobile availability

3D-techCaitlin Fox carefully traces the letters “Y” and “C” on her computer screen, slowly perfecting her design.

Using Rhinoceros 3D computer software and a vinyl cutter, Fox, a freshman at Gaston Jr/Sr High School, is creating window cling stickers featuring the Yamhill-Carlton High School logo.

“I didn’t realize how much you could do with Rhino,” Fox said. “I didn’t realize how easy it was.”

The project is not only “cool,” Fox said, but it could turn a profit if she decides to sell the stickers to Yamhill-Carlton students. It’s one of many doors that were opened to her and her peers during a week-long visit from Sherwood School District’s traveling fabrication laboratory last week.

The “Bowmen Fab Lab” is an RV and mobile fabrication laboratory that includes a vinyl cutter, 3D printer, laser cutter and other tools and materials that Sherwood High School Digital Design and Fabrication Instructor, John Niebergall, uses to share his school’s cutting-edge program with students across the state.

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