District opts for data visualization platform to support decision making

Lake Oswego School District chooses GuideK12, geovisual analytics software, to enable better decision making

geovisual-decisionAdministrators at Lake Oswego School District selected GuideK12’s cloud-based solution to enable district analysis and strategic planning with a geographic perspective. The team from Lake Oswego School District opted for the solution in part because it will give administrators increased insight when data is visualized in an interactive format that allows for real time scenarios to be run by those closest to decisions.

ZipRealty named Lake Oswego Public Schools as a standout school district this past summer and a top performing school district that offers affordable housing. With growth and expansion come difficult decisions for administrators regarding the best ways to expand.

GuideK12, geovisual analytics, allows a district to see its data with a new lens for smart resource placement, planning, and proactive decision-making, well suited for an evolving district in demand.

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