App of the week: The Land of Venn

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What it’s like: The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense is a fast-paced game that teaches kids how to use principles of geometry to defeat an evil wizard named Apeirogon and his monsters. By drawing points, lines, and shapes, kids stop the monsters, called Bookkenriders, from drinking all the Magic Juice found in the Land of Venn. Kids strategically draw shapes to eliminate the Bookkenriders as efficiently as possible. As the game progresses, the Bookkenriders become more challenging, but kids can earn coins to purchase magic spells.
Price: $2.99
Grades: 1-4
Pros: The game is so engaging, kids won’t realize how much they’re learning about geometry.
Cons: The first few levels could be overly simple for some kids.
Bottom line: This captivating game is a great way to introduce or reinforce early geometry concepts.

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