Coding is going mainstream. But is it worth it to learn?

learn-codingThis week, we’re going to talk about coding, the building block for all the great (and yes, not-so-great) apps you use every day. But we’ll start with a confession: I don’t know how to code.

I’ve wanted to learn, and I’ve gotten past the assumption that it’s something too difficult to pick up, but apart from getting really good with HTML (the basic language of making Web pages), I’m still a coding novice.

It’s very likely you don’t know how to code, either.

But if you have kids, they may already be learning how to do it. If you have a friend who dreams of making the next “Angry Birds” for mobile phones, they are probably coding or learning how to code. And maybe it’s not too late for the rest of us to dip our toe in.

So let’s, methodically and line-by-line, talk about coding. We’ll learn together.

What is coding?
Coding is essentially the same thing as programming: It means writing the language that makes up computer software, mobile apps, Web pages and even all the behind-the-scenes magic that makes Facebook so creepy.

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