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What it’s like: Using Composer Pro, students can create and publish interactive ebooks. To start a new project, writers choose portrait or landscape orientation and then add elements onto a blank grid-lined page. They can add images, audio, animations, movies, and text, plus touch zones and hot zones to make the books interactive. Writers can create an index, book cover, and master page, and add additional pages. Work is automatically saved and can be easily edited by moving around pages, changing text, images, and features. Students can publish their work to the Demibooks store, where professionals have published work, or share it more privately through Dropbox. There’s also an option to submit ebooks for sale at the iTunes App Store, but that costs money.
Price: $9.99
Grades: 8-12
Pros: Features galore let writers publish professional-looking ebooks with interactive elements.
Cons: Students and teachers will need time to familiarize themselves with the tool.
Bottom line: Amazing resource is a must for PBL and writers’ workshops where kids create relevant, professional-looking products.

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