$5 million in grants to support blended learning program

“Waggle creates a safe, positive atmosphere that fits perfectly with our Coach curriculum,” said Aoife Dempsey, chief technology officer of Triumph Learning. “We want to recognize outstanding blended learning implementation that achieves success with elementary and middle schools students in skills building and assessments.”

The criteria for a compelling submission include an overview of the student population, district goals, and implementation models for blended learning such as how Waggle will be integrated into the curriculum with other resources. District-level applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through September 2015 and will be reviewed by an internal committee.

Texas Waggle aligns with Texas standards and assessments for Math and English Language Arts. It also integrates a differentiated instructional toolset for teachers that includes Triumph Learning’s Beyond the TEKS, Texas Coach TEKS Edition for Math, and Texas Support Coach.

“Our students and teachers are excited to see ‘pigs fly’ as they conquer goals and skills in Waggle. We are excited about the new Texas Waggle and the resources that will help to accelerate learning,” stated Karen Blaine, chief academic officer at El Paso Leadership Academy. The Academy has been using Waggle since October of 2014. As students practice and achieve their goals in Waggle, they earn “feet traveled” for Waggle, the flying pig with wings.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione

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