5 gorgeous apps to help you learn about space

STEM learning gets a boost with a handful of space-themed apps

space-STEMSTEM learning seems to be a national priority today, with calls for more computer science, engineering, and coding opportunities for students of all ages. With growing interest in the origins and workings of life in our solar system and beyond, there are more  engaging astronomy apps (with beautiful imagery) out there than ever.

In fact, using students’ interests to engage them in STEM learning opportunities is a strategy many educators employ. Encouraging students to learn about space pulls them into STEM topics while also exposing them to innovative concepts.

The website, an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories, offers a number of space-related apps that students and teachers might find useful in and out of the classroom.

Here, we’ve gathered a handful of those apps for each of those stages. You can find the full range of suggested apps online.

[Editor’s note: eSchool News has selected these apps, which were originally curated by Apple Distinguished Educators, that may help you meet your instructional needs.]

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Laura Ascione

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