Schools, STEAM professionals interact online

Interactive online sessions will excite students and open opportunities

STEAM-NeprisSchools in Porterville Unified, Long Beach Unified, and Oakland Unified school districts in the Linked Learning Alliance are receiving full access to Nepris— a cloud-based platform connecting science, technology, engineering, performing arts and math (STEAM) professionals with teachers and their students through a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.

The Nepris platform helps teachers have online, interactive sessions between students and professionals so that the students can learn first-hand about STEAM.

“The Linked Learning Alliance brings meaningful learning experiences to students so they will be thinking ahead to college and career,” said Susan Benz, manager of career readiness for Oakland Unified School District. “Nepris opens a whole new horizon for our students, encouraging them to reach beyond what they might have thought was possible for their lives. Our teachers will love that Nepris does this without being a complicated process or a burden on an already packed curriculum.”

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Laura Ascione

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