The Kajeet Education Broadband program is designed to ensure that students have a level playing field for academic success and improved test scores.

Kajeet is currently partnering with more than 50 districts in 22 states to keep students connected on multiple 4G LTE networks so they can have access to online textbooks, apps, emails, documents and websites, as well as to their teachers while at home.

This home internet access is supported through the Kajeet SmartSpot solution, a portable Wi-Fi mobile hotspot that offers customizable and filtered internet access.

The Kajeet mobile broadband solution allows districts and schools to filter and customize the websites that students can visit, as well as the time of day or night appropriate for student use. This keeps students on task and controls the cost of providing access to students.

“The Kajeet solution helps narrow the gap to give students equal access to online district and schools resources and the ability to learn regardless of where they are in their community,” said Julie Smith, vice president of K-12, CDW-G.

“Our country is witnessing an education revolution, and technology is forcing a paradigm shift in how teachers teach and how students learn. It is an exciting time to be an educator,” said Daniel Neal, CEO and founder of Kajeet. “Three trends are bringing this issue to a head in the current education ecosystem: online state assessments of the Common Core standards, blended learning and one-to-one mobile device programs in schools.”

Alex Cornacchini is an editorial intern with eSchool Media.