Why the change? According to Lightspeed Systems: “A top-down LMS platform is neither what schools are asking us for nor where we have the greatest potential to help our customers. Instead, we’ll be able to focus on the 5,000 (and growing) districts that rely on us to support their networks with safe, secure access to digital content and powerful management features. This will allow us to excel where we can make the greatest difference for schools: safe and easy access to the growing number of digital resources and tools.”

“Expectations have changed for what an LMS needs to be today. Districts expect Facebook-like social classroom features front-and-center,” said Dallas Kachan, VP of marketing for LMS upstart Edsby, when the announcement was made. “The days of teachers or schools being able to download and run LMS-like software themselves willy-nilly are limited. More and more districts are learning they require district-managed systems that give them the tools for consistent assessment and reporting, and a way to enforce security and confidentiality policies.”

The teacher dashboard and campus library are not an updated LMS model, but will function as a teacher-focused solution to help teachers manage devices and web access while sharing digital content in a safe environment.

The campus library will help teachers gain access to multiple resources and content, and it will integrate with Office 365 and Google Apps content. It also will offer access to potentially blocked content, such as YouTube, along with enhanced sharing capabilities.

The teacher dashboard will help educators balance IT and classroom management.

My Big Campus users can continue using the LMS as they always have, and can complete a form on the FAQ page to work with the Lightspeed Systems team to prepare for content migration.

Lightspeed Systems offers a preview of the teacher dashboard here, and will announce more details about the transition soon.