Students can learn about financial principles and consequences with these interactive apps

financial-appsFinancial responsibility is an essential skill, and increasingly, it’s a skill that is taught as early as elementary school.

Teaching children about financial responsibility could help them make smart financial decisions and understand how those decisions impact their educational opportunities–for instance, financial literacy could help students better understand the cost of college and navigate the student loan process.

The website, an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories, offers a number of apps pertaining to financial literacy and financial education.

Here, we’ve gathered a handful of those apps, and you can access more on the APPitic site.

[Editor’s note: eSchool News has selected these appsoriginally curated by Apple Distinguished Educators via APPiticthat may help you meet your instructional needs.]

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1. Coin Calculator, Free

This money calculator is great for pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, and beyond for children who are learning about how to add money. The app works just like a calculator, except all the inputs are actual U.S. coins. Press the coins and then a + or – to add or subtract that amount from the total. Coin Calculator is a great way for children to recognize the monetary value of coins, and how to add them together.

2. Financial Football, Free

The NFL and Visa have teamed up to create this interactive game, designed to improve financial literacy. With Financial Football, you can test your money management skills by answering financial questions. Correct answers will allow you to move down the field and score touchdowns. Fast-paced, fun and challenging for all ages, the game has three levels of play and puts you at the center of the action–giving you the ultimate personal finance workout.

3. Lil’ Kitten Shopping Cart Game, Free

In this interactive app, you are a kitten going on a shopping trip for your mother. As you pick out each item, you learn how to find the best price, and what the benefits are for finding the best deal and saving money. This app has 20 levels of shopping with different shopping lists, Lil Kitten as the main character with a cute dog and squirrel as shop attendants, and a toy store filled with cool playthings that can be purchased with savings.

4. My Budget, $1.99

This app, designed more for pre-teens and teenagers, is an easy to use cash management software. You can manage your daily cash income/outgo to get an overview how much you spend. Descriptions for transactions can be taken from history so you don’t need to rewrite everything when you make similar transactions. Calculating how much you are spending daily is a great skill to have.

5. Kids Money, Free

This app allows kids to declare what they want to purchase, how much money they get a week, and determine how much they need to save, and how long it will take to earn enough to buy that item. It helps with money saving tactics, and shows children how saving money is constructive.

Alex Cornacchini is an editorial intern with eSchool Media.