Bridg-it School streamlines how schools report, review and resolve bullying and harmful situations for more positive outcomes and safer school communities

bullying-solutionBridg-it has launched Bridg-it School, an online school safety solution that addresses the lifecycle of an incident, from reporting through resolution. In addition, Bridg-it School addresses harmful situations by providing access to a Resource Center of curated content with restorative techniques that foster positive outcomes.

Available via computer, tablet or smartphone, Bridg-it School allows students, teachers, parents and administrators to securely file a confidential report in less than one minute, from anywhere at anytime. The solution immediately alerts the appropriate stakeholders when a report is filed, and also gives educators access to aggregated data about a school’s behavioral climate and trends in real time. In addition, Bridg-it School allows for compliance with state-mandated reporting, saving significant administrative time.

Bridg-it School has been piloted over the past year at schools in the New York City area, proving to be a valuable asset in addressing cyberbullying and negative behavior.

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